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About Us

Let's get to know each other

Who we are?

Our story goes way back to 1963 when Thomas Korelas set up a bougatsa shop in Kozani. The unique recipes, the exuberant personality and his restless spirit led Thomas Korelas to create a craft of traditional homemade pastry products in 2001. 

He passed away in 2005, leaving behind his name which for years remained an embodiment for quality. 
The Korelas Family takes the responsibility to fulfill the dream of Thomas Korelas by maintaining the high standards in taste and quality  always keeping in memory its creator in every activity.

hard work

Our beliefs...

At The Korelas Family we believe that everything we do is about promoting a natural and a healthy way of life...

We believe that "we are what we eat"

the way we DO it...

We produce our products with venerable recipes and techniques...

...and Finally!

It just happens to make great products!

our Services

What we do?

At The Korelas Family combining our knowledge, experience and creativity, we manufacture products based on tradition, with fresh and natural ingredients, retaining high quality standards. 

We are committed to our work every day keeping core values, with full respect to all our customers and partners as well as the environment.

Safe Products

The Korelas Family is committed to create safe and healthy products which satisfy its consumers’ requirements in all matters of quality taking into consideration any sensitive consumer groups. 

Healthy Products

We use pure ingredients and no chemical additives or preservatives. Natural food is the only choice for us.      

safe Facilities

The Korelas Family facilities meet all the stringent cleaning and hygiene ISO requirements for healthy, clean and safe product manufacturing.

ISO 22000

Towards to continuous development for the consumers benefits and well being The Korelas Family has developed the Food Safety Management System, ISO 22000 to meet the legislation requirements for the above certification. 

We fully support the application of the above ISO 22000 certification through appropriate infrastructure, understanding the quality objectives within our company and revisions to continuously improve the efficiency of this system.

The process

Our Magic Recipe

The Korelas Family product range combines naturally derived ingredients, based on Greek products with high nutritional value . Our formulations include natural ingredients ranging from 85-100%, excluding the use of chemical additives and preservatives, as well as other ingredients that have been associated with adverse health or environmental effects.
At The Korelas Family you will not find heavy industrial machines or similar production facilities. 
But you will find people that work together with all their effort and devotion just to keep alive our strong belief: WE ARE WHAT WE EAT.
LOVE for what we do is the most important thing for us. 
LOVE is the ingredient that finally makes the great difference!
We offer you the result of our hard work, of our devotion and our effort. 
We offer you that we believe in most: OUR PRODUCTS.


Commitment to our beliefs is our guide...
Your trust is the result...

Ever since the day it was created, The Korelas Family has constantly remained true to its values and to its mission to promote a natural and healthy way of life. Our commitment and our effort to create products with natural ingredients is what makes us different.



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