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Pies Can Be Elegant

Πίτες Korelas
Πίτες Korelas
Πίτες Korelas
Πίτες Korelas
Πίτες Korelas
Πίτες Korelas
Πίτες Korelas
Πίτες Korelas
Πίτες Korelas
Πίτες Korelas

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Sausages pie


In Greece, pie production has seen a shift towards large-scale industrial operations, leading to an increase in quantity but a decline in flavor diversity. However, the traditional and authentic taste of pies crafted in family kitchens remains highly sought after and increasingly rare. As an exception to the trend, our commitment to handcrafted, homemade pies delivers a taste experience that stands out from the rest.

Αλευράκι στο χεράκι, ετοιμάζει 'να πιτάκι


Emerald Hospitality –a 5 star collection for city and resort hotels (breakfast, snacks, room service light meals, appetizers and dishes on restaurant menus), catering for major events, and premium restaurants, where chefs require exceptional flavour and variety that are impossible to prepare every day in their kitchen.


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Flowers don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful.

-Jim Carrey

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A climber, a biker, a canyon trekker - all cooks. Two keen-eyed moms, a hippie turned talented pie production manager… An improbable band of brothers going by the name of Korelas MasterPies.


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Η παρέα Korelas, στην παραλία γύρω από φωτιά
Sausages pie

"I met The Korelas Family on 2013. They are trully a great Family. Happy, joyfull and very kind people. As for the products they produce, i believe that they definitely stand out. Great taste, big variety and most of all natural ingredients. No preservatives. No chemical additives.A wonderful Family producing great products."

Chef Dimitrios Skarmoutsos

"We were searching for premium quality products without chemical additives and preservatives. I didn't believe that someone could create such delicious products with all the caracteristics that we needed.Since 2011we work together step by step, having always in mind to offer great products to our customers."

Thomas Douzis
Ceo @ Ergon foods,

"I traveled for more than 600 km just to meet these people. Simlicity and generosity are two things that impressed me most. They are truly a great Family producing great products"

Ilias Kordas
Owner @ Square (Athens)

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